5 Best Natural Deodorant in Malaysia You Must Try Today

Embrace the Natural Way

Hey there, fabulous women of Malaysia and natural product lovers! 🌟

Are you tired of chemical-laden deodorants that promise the world but leave you feeling less than fresh? Fear not! We’ve got your back (and your pits) covered. Say hello to Malaysia’s finest natural deodorants—your ticket to staying odor-free without compromising your health.

Why Go Natural?

Before we dive into our top picks, let’s talk about why natural deodorants are the bee’s knees. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, these gems are free from harmful substances like aluminium, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Plus, they won’t clog your pores or mess with your body’s natural detox process.


5 Best Natural Deodorant in Malaysia

1. verinatural: The Most Reviewed Deodorant in Malaysia

verinatural stick natural deodorant

verinatural takes the crown as Malaysia’s top #1 all-natural deodorant. Why? Because it’s the most reviewed deodorant in the country! Imagine 141,423 units flying off the shelves. Here’s why it’s a hit:

  • Long-Lasting: A thin layer of verinatural deodorant on your underarm can prevent body odor for 8-12 hours.
  • Natural & Plant-Based: verinatural uses only natural and plant-based ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter. Good for your skin, no less!
  • No Stain: Thanks to our unique formulation, staining on clothes is a thing of the past. Wear your favorite outfits worry-free.

Where to Get It? You can find award winning, best selling verinatural deodorants here. Trust me, your pits will thank you! 💕

2. Hello Natural Co: Your Local Hero

hello natural co all natural deodorant

Hello Natural Co is your friendly neighborhood deodorant wizard. They’ve conjured up a magical lineup of balm, powder, and spray options—all crafted with love and natural ingredients. Worried about baking soda allergies or sensitive skin? Fear not! Hello Natural Co has a specific balm just for you. Say goodbye to alcohol, aluminium, and synthetic fragrances. Instead, say hello to activated charcoal, which absorbs odor-causing bacteria and moisture. Prices range from RM37.39 to RM49.85. Get yours here.

3. HYGR: Smell Be Gone!

hygr natural deodorant

HYGR knows that body odor is no joke. Their founder, Meng, battled severe funk and decided enough was enough. The result? The Smell Be Gone deodorant, available in eco-friendly packaging. Choose from six delightful scents, including soothing lavender and woody vibes. Sizes come in 25g and 50g, so you’re covered whether you’re a light spritzer or a full-on fragrance enthusiast. Prices range from RM38.90 to RM58.90. Grab yours here.

4. Prana Natures: Roll-On Goodness

Prana Natures roll-on natural deodorant

Prana Natures brings you roll-on deodorants with a twist. Their refillable options mean less waste and more love for Mother Earth. Choose from scents like lily ylang sandalwood, vanilla pineapple rose, and green tea bitter orange. Sizes come in 30ml and 60ml, so you can stash one in your handbag and another in your gym locker. Prices range from RM29.99 to RM49.99. Refill your empty containers at Zero Waste Earth Store. Check them out here.

5. Smelly-No-More: The Mineral Marvel

Smelly-No-More mineral natural deodorant

Smelly-No-More is like a superhero for your pits. Made of natural mineral salt, it’s a bacteria-busting wonder. Say goodbye to those pesky odor-causing culprits! This unscented gem keeps you fresh without any fuss. Plus, it’s gentle on sensitive skin. Prices? A steal! Get it on Shopee or their very own website!.

Conclusion: Let Your Pits Breathe Easy

Ladies, it’s time to ditch the chemicals and embrace the natural way. These Malaysian-made deodorants are your secret weapon against body odor. So go ahead, conquer the boardroom, crush that presentation, and stay fresh—all while supporting local brands. Your pits will thank you! 🌿💕

Remember, sweating is normal, but smelling like a bouquet of roses? That’s the real magic! ✨

Want more compact comparison? Below is table formatted information for your quick digest.

Deodorant Brand
Key Features
TypesPrice RangeWhere to Buy
verinatural– Most reviewed deodorant in Malaysia
– Long-lasting (8-12 hours)
– Natural, plant-based ingredients
– No staining on clothes
– 100% money back guarantee policy
– Cream
– Stick
– Powder
– Roll on & Refillable (New)
RM29.90 – RM53.90verinatural website
Hello Natural Co– Balm, powder, and spray options
– Activated charcoal for odor control
– No alcohol, aluminium, or synthetic fragrances
– Cream
– Spray
– Powder
RM37.39 – RM49.85Hello Natural Co website
HYGR– Eco-friendly packaging
– Six delightful scents
– Available in 25g and 50g sizes
– StickRM38.90 – RM59.90HYGR website
Prana Natures– Refillable roll-on deodorants
– Scents like lily ylang sandalwood, vanilla pineapple rose, and green tea bitter orange
– Roll-onRM29.99 – RM49.99Prana Natures website
Smelly-No-More– Made of natural mineral salt
– Unscented
– Gentle on sensitive skin
– Spray
RM17.90 – RM29.90Total Image website

Disclaimer: Always do a patch test before slathering anything on your skin. Individual results may vary.

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Note: Prices mentioned are accurate as of the publication date and are subject to change. Always check the latest prices on the respective websites.

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